Quest for "Ideal Combustion" Realizes World-Leading Compression Ratio
Conventional internal combustion engines are only able to harness around 30% of fuels potential energy. By pushing the limits of internal combustion, Mazda has developed the SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY family of engines which can deliver much greater fuel efficiency than conventional engines. Simply put, SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY engines can compress the air-fuel mixture in the cylinders to an extraordinary degree, squeezing far more energy from every drop of fuel.
With their compression ratio of 14:1, unparalleled among mass production engines, SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGYengines bring you both sheer driving pleasure and outstanding fuel economy.

SKYACTIV®-G Gasoline Engine
New-Generation Gasoline Engine with Improved Fuel Efficiency and Torque
SKYACTIV®-G boasts a record compression ratio of 14:1, an unprecedented figure for a mass production gasoline engine, which reflects our pursuit for the perfect combination of outstanding fuel efficiency and driving comfort. This new engine has improved both fuel efficiency and torque performance by around 15% compared with similar existing engines. With its enhanced torque performance at low and medium speeds in particular, this new generation, high-efficiency direct injection engine better serves real-world driving needs.

SKYACTIV®-D Diesel Engine
Revolutionary Diesel Engine with Improved Fuel Efficiency, Cleanness and Direct Response
A revolutionary diesel engine, SKYACTIV®-D delivers great fuel efficiency without sacrificing clean emissions.
With its world-leading compression ratio of 14:1, SKYACTIV®-D provides a fuel economy improvement of 20% over conventional diesel engines and meets exhaust emission standards in countries around the world. Installed with a high efficiency turbo charger, SKYACTIV®-D also ensures smooth, direct response as well as superb acceleration.


Ideal Transmission for Perfect Control
Transmission is critical not only to fuel efficiency improvement but also to a cars' driving performance. The "ideal transmission" that gives you perfect control over your car. With this concept, we have developed a pair of transmission systems that promise precise handling as well as improved fuel efficiency.
Thanks to an expanded lockup range of more than 80%, the SKYACTIV®-DRIVE automatic transmission gives you the direct feel of a manual transmission. The SKYACTIV®-MT manual transmission, with its class-leading light weight, ensures a crisp feel when shifting.

Perfect Mix of Direct Feel, Smooth Transmission and Superior Fuel Efficiency at Low Speeds
SKYACTIV®-DRIVE is designed to deliver an ideal mix of "direct feel," "smooth transmission" and "fuel economy at low speeds." The various transmission systems prevailing in different markets each have their own strengths and weaknesses. We have realized the best of all worlds by creating the "ideal automatic transmission" that excels across the board.
The lockup range of more than 80% helps to create the sort of direct feel that is usually the mark of a manual transmission.

Light-Weight, Compact New-Generation Manual Transmission that Ensures Superior Shifting Feel
SKYACTIV®-MT is a light and compact manual transmission system that combines superior fuel economy with the crisp shifting feel of a sports car, ensuring perfect control.
Our radical rethink of each component has led to a weight reduction of up to 16% and a dramatic size reduction, culminating in the creation of the SKYACTIV®-MT transmission.


Drastic Weight Reduction Creates Sense of "Jinba Ittai"
For Mazda, the ideal platform is one that combines a highly rigid but light framework with driving comfort made possible by dramatic improvement of the cars' basic driving functions - accelerate, turn and stop. Mazda has trimmed an amazing 100 kilograms from the body and chassis in its quest to create a sense of oneness between the car and driver. We consider this oneness an echo of "Jinba Ittai," the perfect unity of the horse and rider that is essential to traditional Japanese horseback archery.

Light, Rigid and Robust Body that Ensures Safe and Joyful Driving
"For a car to excel in its basic functions - accelerate, turn and stop - it must have a lean body, but also be sturdy to ensure safety. SKYACTIV®-BODY passes both of those tests, with a weight reduction of 8% and a rigidity improvement of 30% as a result of a full framework make-over. As its framework is structured so as to disperse impact shocks, SKYACTIV®-BODY ensures superior crash safety performance."

Lightweight Chassis that Delivers Driving Pleasure and Comfort
Pleasure springing from a feeling of oneness with the car. We can only provide such a supreme driving experience if we perfectly fine-tune the trade-off between several conflicting needs - agility at low and medium speeds, and stability in the high-speed range; a lightweight and rigid body; and thrill and comfort. To attain the right balance, we have completely redesigned the front and rear suspensions. Moreover, for SKYACTIV®-CHASSIS, we have adopted new features such as a lightweight, highly rigid cross member and an electric power steering system that facilitates swift handling.
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