You're searching for a vehicle that's tuned to deliver a pleasant experience behind the wheel without compromising fuel-economy ratings. If you're seeking a vehicle that will deliver the most bang for your buck, the new Mazda3 offers plenty of interior convenience without skimping on comfort and performance. It's a truly well-balanced and versatile model capable of handling errand-running around the Glendale region with ease. Learn more about the latest Mazda3's interior and stylish exterior design below prior to contacting us to set up a test drive.

The Mazda3 Boasts a Well-Appointed Interior and Eye-Catching Exterior

Exterior style is truly in the eye of the beholder. However, when a model receives as much praise as the Mazda3, it's a fair assumption to say that one of the model's strongest selling points is its stylish design. In both its sedan and hatchback configurations, the Mazda3 is one of the fanciest and classiest in the compact market. It's distinct profiled, elongated hood, and sculpted body panels are sure to distinguish you from others on the Glendale roads.

Inside the Mazda3 you'll find a full array of premium materials and pioneering tech gadgets. The model touts available heated front seats and genuine leather upholstery as well as a groundbreaking head-up display system on higher trim levels. While the hatchback is generally regarded as more stylish, the sedan offers more interior cargo-moving potential. So, if you're looking to transport a few golf bags out to the course on the weekend or a stroller and groceries back from the store, we'd suggest sticking with the Mazda3's sedan configuration.

Are you interested in test driving the new Mazda3? If so, please contact one of our expert Mazda sales professionals. They'll happily run through the brass tacks of our competitive Mazda leasing and loan options to help familiarize yourself with the possible payment programs.

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