Introducing Our Sales Department!

Edita Iankova

Edita Iankova is a sales representative who has assisted Star Mazda in leading customers to car buying success! She has been in the car business since 2008 and works at Star Mazda because she believes in their vehicle quality as she owns two of her own. Edita loves interacting with customers and makes sure the car buying process is as fun as possible. She also speaks all of the Slavic languages fluently as well as Russian. If you want an entertaining and low pressure buying experience come see Edita at Star Mazda. You won't miss her, she's the cute petite Bulgarian woman.

Josefina Cruz

Josie Cruz is a sales representative who works with Star Mazda to help customers have a smooth and easy buying experience. Josie believes in Mazda vehicles as she currently drives a 1992 Mazda Miata. She is a certified sales adviser who likes to take her Miata to the track. She annually attends the "Miatas at Mazda Raceway", a Laguna Seca Event.

Israel Espino

Israel Espino is a sales representative at Star Mazda that directs customers to the best vehicle for them and their budget.  Israel has been working with Star Mazda for two years, since May 2015.  He enjoys seeing how happy his customers are once the sales process is over.  Israel really listens to his customers in order to find out what they really want.  His main concern is the customer's experience during their car buying event.

Francisco Rodriguez

Francisco Rodriguez is a sales representative at Star Mazda that facilitates the easy and quick purchase of his customer's perfect car. He has been Glendale local for 20 years and knows and participates in the community. Francisco can get his customers in the car they want, without the hastle of haggling. Francisco knows that people have different priorities when it comes to a car, for example he is devoted to his Maltipoo and has her in mind when car shopping. He has previous car sales experience and retail experience. Francisco will get you into your dream Mazda because DRIVING MATTERS©

Abiel Herrera

Abiel Herrera is a sales representative who works with Star Mazda to find customers a vehicle that is perfect for their lifestyle.  He has been working with Star Mazda for two years and has greatly enjoyed the time he has been able to spend with his customers.  He is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish fluently, and communicates customer needs to management accurately.  He looks forward to seeing any prospective customers, come in and ask for him!

Ron Hudson

Ron Hudson is a sales representative who has earned many awards & honors in his long career in the automotive industry.  He currently represents Star Auto Group in Glendale at the Star Mazda location. Ron's goal is to give the customer the best professional service and to make their buying experience a pleasant one.  Anyone can sell a car, but the most important service to the customer is after the sale.  For a great buying experience come on by and ask for Ron.

Victor Cubillos

Victor Cubillos is a sales representative who has aided Star Mazda in providing the right vehicles to the right customers. He has been in the car business for eighteen years and at Star Mazda for six.  He enjoys meeting people and helping them find their perfect car at an affordable price.He speaks both Spanish & English and likes to root for Team Chile! He hopes to see you soon!

John Maisyan

John Maisyan is a sales representative who has facilitated the purchase process at Star Mazda since December, 2002. He believes customers need an abundance of information, so they can make the most intelligent decision possible. John has worked at Star Mazda for 15 years and during that time been awarded best salesperson of the month many times. He is Elite Master Certified by Mazda, has extensive knowledge on all products offered by Mazda and is fluent in Armenian and Russian. A customer's dream car is immediately within reach with John as their sales representative.

Jay M.

Jay M. is a sales representative with Star Mazda who works to find the perfect car for all his customers regardless of budget or time.  He sees that customers sometimes choose vehicles that don't fit their lifestyle and so he works to introduce his customers to a variety of vehicles to get the best fit.  Jay speaks a variety of languages including Spanish, Armenian, Farsi, and English and has won awards for salesperson of the month multiple times.  He enjoys rock climbing and scuba diving in his spare time and has worked in the car industry for four years.

Pablo Vazquez

Pablo Vazquez is a sales representative who assists Star Mazda to ease customers through the vehicle buying or leasing process.  Pablo knows that the automotive process can be a long process and involves a lot of communication.  He helps customers get through these times with ease of speaking and candid interactions.  Pablo has been in the car business for twenty-one years and has worked at Star Mazda for two of those.  He is also fluent in both Spanish and English and can get customer's needs and wants across clearly in both languages.

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