If you're looking for a compact sedan that won't break the budget, then either the Mazda 3 or the Mercedes Benz A220 could fit the bill. Here are some of the key factors to keep in mind.

1. Price: Mazda versus Mercedes:

Mercedes-Benz has deliberately priced the A220 down in order to stay competitive with Mazda, with both cars showing a base price somewhere in the neighborhood of $33,000. As you will quickly note, however, the actual cost of the Mazda 3 line starts substantially lower ($25,000 or less). What is more, A220 extras can quickly balloon the price.

2. Performance: Mazda versus Mercedes

The A220 and the Mazda 3 have similar horsepower ratings at 188 horsepower (A220) and 186 horsepower (Mazda 3). Both offer smooth rides with similar fuel ratings in the neighborhood of 35 mpg/highway. In terms of overall performance, the two vehicles are roughly even. The only way to be really sure, of course, is with a test drive, to see for yourself how each one handles.

3. Value: Mazda versus Mercedes

As one might expect from the Mercedes-Benz name, A220 offers more luxurious interior options in a compact body. Unfortunately, you will need to pay a good deal for ornamental luxury that doesn't do much in practical terms. A truly high-end A220 can easily cost as much as two Mazda 3's without necessarily giving you a better car. In terms of value for your dollar, Mazda is clear the winner here.

Conclusion: Don't just read about it. See you for yourself. There is no substitute for test driving both vehicles to see how they handle. If you're looking for a new car in Los Angeles, why not drop by Star Mazda in Glendale, CA. See for yourself how each car feels. In the end, that's the best way to see the difference, first-hand and for yourself.

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